Atco, NJ

It's a common perception that concrete floors look dull and boring. You'll realize that's not the case when you have us laid your floors. You can have us lay concrete floors, which look like they're tiled or have it polished to look glassy. We can even give your concrete a finish that'll make it look like it's been built with brick, stone or even wood. Speak to us today and find out about the amazing things we can do with concrete.

Concrete floors, which look elegant and classy

Have us laid concrete flooring in your basement or garage, which is durable and easy to maintain.

Basement and garage floors are exposed to abuse more than the floors in other parts of your house or business property. That's where concrete floors perform best. What's more, they're easy to maintain and clean.

Strong and durable flooring

You'll not have to face another day of bailing water out of the basement when you get your basement waterproofed by Mac-Crete, Inc. We make use of tried and tested techniques to make sure your basement does not get wet during the next rainy season. With the basement waterproofing taken care of, you can once again start using it irrespective of the weather outside and store your valuable items with worrying about it getting wet.

Tired of water entering your basement every time it rains?

Have your concrete floors built by certified and insured contractors.